The Lone Ranger vs. The Justice League

I have often vainly felt that I have a bit in common with the Lone Ranger.  Not the mask, horse, or BA-“ness”, but the sense that I could come into a community as a hero, change it for the good, then quietly bow out leaving the community “rid of evil” and all the better because of my incredible awesomeness.

In my current context my boss ( frequently says, “All of us here are interim staff youth workers.”  I tend to hear some of my Lone Ranger mentality celebrated in that.  However this is not quite what Nate is getting at.  He means that as a staff youth worker I will be in my current setting for a limited time and should be investing in, equipping, and celebrating the ministry volunteers that have been around and will be around for the long haul.

In past settings I have carried this silent burden of being THE Hero and tried to live into that.  In actuality I need to be thinking more like a part of the “Justice League.”

The Justice league is composed of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and other assorted superheroes.  I am not the only “hero” at the table.  Each of these people brings something different and makes the others at the table stronger.

Now of course the metaphor breaks down, but the idea is that I am not the only “valuable” person at the table.  In every community there are people who are already at work doing great things, or have excellent ideas but need help implementing them.  These are people who will likely be around for a long time and are deeply invested in the community.

My prayer right now is that I can grow in my ability to think as a member of a League of Local Leaders who are working hard to make impacts that last beyond one personality.


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