Taylor Swift on Beauty

Tim Schmover of http://www.studentministry.org/ posted this video and invited discussion on it on his blog a few weeks ago. I really liked this and figured I would throw down a few thoughts here.

I really like this idea at 39min 31sec. The idea that sincerity is beauty… Or living into the fullness of who you are is what makes you beautiful.

I had never really thought about this. I definitely get caught up in shallow measures of beauty and I need to start looking a bit deeper.

I also know that I fail at this. I am often paralyzed by self-consciousness, cynicism, and fear. Too often I allow a façade to take charge rather than my sincere self.

This thought has been echoed by my boss http://www.natestratman.com as he has recently been saying things like: “When you don’t live into the fullness of who you are, you are robbing the Kingdom of who God created you to be.”

My prayer right now is that Taylor Swift would think I am beautiful :), also that I can fully live into the person that God has created me to be…